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Daily Grace

May 23, 2023

What is the one thing that you deeply desire? Maybe it’s a relationship, a job, an opportunity, or a positive pregnancy test. We all know what it’s like to want something, yet not receive it. We also know what it’s like to watch others receive the very thing we want while we sit with empty hands.

Today on the Daily Grace Podcast we talk about how to untangle all of the emotions associated with the question, “why not me?” We’ll discuss how to be honest about our emotions, honor others, and honor the Lord when we feel disappointed and discouraged. We pray that this episode meets you right where you are and offers you gospel hope and practical help.

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Time Stamps:

1:26 - Our Favorite Things

4:00 - When others get what we want

6:02 - Free time envy with Shelby

7:38 - The main takeaway

9:30 - Be honest with God, yourself, and others

14:17 - The danger of coveting

17:44 - Instagram comparison

21:07 - What the Bible says about covetousness

24:57 - How to diagnose discontent and resentment

26:46 - Daily Grace resources for discontentment

27:42 - Finding hope in Jesus

Favorite Things:

Starbucks Bacon Gruyere Egg Bites

Crossbody belt bag

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

More Than Anything Study

Meditations for the Heart Booklet

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