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Daily Grace

Nov 2, 2021

Stories are powerful. We crave stories. They move us and impact us. Isn’t it interesting how God communicates His plan of redemption through the STORY of Scripture? He is the master Storyteller! And as His image bearers, we are also storytellers. We each have a story. Yet, many of us don’t know how to communicate our stories to others. We don’t realize how our stories can impact how we share the gospel and disciple others. Some of us think our stories are boring; our testimonies seem to be void of drama. Others of us think our stories are too hard and may even discredit us from talking about God with others. But the truth is, all of our stories matter. We can craft and share our personal stories to the glory of God!

In this conversation, we are joined by Kyra Riley Daniels, and she helps us work through the topic of personal stories and storytelling. Kyra is a staff writer at The Daily Grace Co., but along with her degree in theology from Westminster, she has a degree in theater from Yale University. Here are some questions we work through in this interview: 

  1. Why are stories powerful? (11:13)
  2. Each of us has a story; we’re storytellers. How does this impact how we share the gospel and even disciple others? (15:33)
  3. Some believers may think, “Nothing dramatic has happened in my life. My testimony is boring.” Why do these stories matter? What do these stories tell us about God? (20:03)
  4. Others may think, “My story is full of really hard things.” Maybe some of us feel like our personal stories discredit us from talking about God or from sharing the gospel. Why do these stories matter? What do these stories tell us about God? (24:40)
  5. How can we craft our own personal stories to the glory of God? What practical tips do you have for us to develop our personal testimony in order to share the gospel? (29:12)
  6. How can we, as ordinary people, grow in the art of storytelling in order to further the kingdom of God? (32:41)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Dan B. Allender Books on Amazon

Nadeau Furniture Store

Ligonier Ministries

“Journey to Freedom: The Life of Moses” Study by The Daily Grace Co.

Faith Questions: Suffering by The Daily Grace Co.

Advent: The Song of Our Souls (Bonus Episode) by Daily Grace

Blogs by Kyra Daniels via The Daily Grace Blog


Scripture mentioned in this episode:

2 Corinthians 5:17


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