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Daily Grace

Aug 24, 2021

It’s one thing to see the value of the local church, and it’s another thing to faithfully attend and invest in a covenant community week after week after week. That takes commitment; it takes time and effort. And there are many life seasons and circumstances where we might ask ourselves, “Is church really worth it? Do we have to go every week in person?” Especially in our digital age where we can listen to sermons online, we may wonder what the benefit is in going to church in person. 


In today’s episode, we explore 10 different scenarios where we may ask ourselves if church is really worth it. While we understand that there are certain situations where attending church in-person is not an option (and we offer encouragement to you if you’re there!), we want to make the case that in-person church is the better option. Here are the scenarios we cover: 


  1. Is church really worth it when online church is available? (12:03)
  2. Is church really worth it when we’ve experienced church hurt? (19:11)
  3. Is church really worth it when you’re in a busy season? (21:42)
  4. Is church really worth it when you’re raising young children? (24:12)
  5. Is church really worth it when you’re struggling with depression? (26:47)
  6. Is church really worth it when you’re wrestling with specific sin patterns? (30:02)
  7. Is church really worth it when your church is struggling? (33:02)
  8. Is church really worth it when you already have community? (36:46)
  9. Is church really worth it when you don’t know anybody there? (40:54)
  10. Is church really worth it when it’s been a long time? (46:26)


Church is always worth it because of the value God placed on her. The church is the bride of Christ. The church is the body of believers, working together for the good of the whole and the glory of God. The church isn’t perfect, but there’s no gathering in the world that compares to the gathering of God’s people.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Scripture mentioned in this episode:

Hebrews 10:24-25

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