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Daily Grace

Mar 12, 2019

What does it mean to be a Christian woman? On this episode of Daily Grace, we have the privilege of chatting with Abigail Dodds on what it means to be a gospel-centered woman.  Abigail is a wife to Tom of 16 years, a stay-at-home mama to 5 kids, author of the newly released book (A)Typical Woman, a regular contributor at Desiring God, a seminary student, and an active participant in her women’s ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  She helps us differentiate what our culture defines as being a Christian woman and what God says in His Word about womanhood. She reminds us that the whole Bible equips us as Christian women, but there are passages in the Bible specifically for women and it’s for our good and God’s glory.  We chat about a variety of topics, such as singleness, marriage, suffering, discipleship, submission, and the local church. We hope that this conversation will encourage you to embrace who God made you to be and help you “live out your calling as [a] free, authentic, indispensable member of Christ’s mission and work”.  


Abigail Dodds is the author of the book, (A)Typical Woman.  Find your copy here.

You can also find more from Abigail on Instagram @abigail_dodds


Resources mentioned in this episode:

A(Typical) Woman by Abigail Dodds 

The Bible 

Desiring God -- John Piper 


Scripture mentioned in this episode:

Romans 1:18-32

Genesis 2

Isaiah 53:3

James 4:4

Luke 9:58/Matthew 8:20

John 15:18

Romans 12:5

1 Timothy 4:12

1 Peter 3:1

Romans 6:12

1 Timothy 2:12

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